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Lions Kidsight Vision Screening

Each year the Lebanon Lions Club completes free vision screenings for youth at the Lebanon public schools, various pre-schools in town, and at the Jonathan Trumbull Library.

We’re needed – vision problems undetected by the age of 7 can become permanent, and 80% of a child’s learning and development requires healthy, corrected vision.

We’re concerned – How many millions of kids now have worsening eyesight from prolonged “screen time”, in 2020?

We’re FREE – Vision Screenings are conducted by Lions Volunteers who have been trained in the proper use of Touchless Screening Devices.

Eye chart screenings can miss such potential issues, such as farsightedness, amblyopia factors, low-grade cases of myopia and astigmatism. In contrast, the digital, touch-less technology used in our primary screening devices is highly accurate, automatic and reliable. Our testing systems also provide immediate results.

For more information on the Lions Kidsight program, visit the Kidsight website .

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